Numio | BTI

Numio | BTI Partnership

By Mark Anstead | Business intelligence | 21 Aug 2020

Our team at Numio just announced we are partnering with BTI.

For those of you who do not know them, they work with some of the largest exchanges in the world as a whistleblower for bot trading, wash trading, and manipulation. The exchanges LOVE them, but the ones who are acting sketchy.. they hate BTI because they call them out!! More importantly, they provide incredibly powerful surveillance software alongside that for compliance.  

And... BTI loves our tech. Why? Because we're building it to be the best in the business. And they took notice.  

You will soon be using our mobile app, Numio Pay for instant onboarding onto exchanges, authenticating yourself through logins, trades and withdrawals through your biometrics.   The KYC flow (where we use NumioCloud) is essentially impossible to hack into as it utilizes zkProofs to store your documents- no one has access to that information other than yourself. Your Identity. Your Security.  

The authentication piece verifies logins through public-key cryptography (your crypto wallet effectively), your UDID (unique device identifier), biometrics, and is effectively impossible for someone to hack into your account digitally. Oh, and it also helps protect you from sim-swapping & phishing. It's sick.  

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on our website, Alternatively, you can find me on Telegram @ansteadm. Look forward to pushing forward this industry together!  

For more details, check out this link here:    

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Business intelligence

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