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Wrong Decision And Bad Luck

By shohana1 | Business & Finance | 14 Jul 2023

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Successfully fall into the trap and become unsuccessful in trading! Made decision in hurry and now I'm below the capital amount that I invested to make profit. Not yet losing hope because I can hold but a long time wait can be hard. Yesterday I made the decision and regrating as the coin price dump deadly. Asset amount is not as big as expected but the dump could be useful if I hold my capital to invest on the right time.

According to research I expected a pump but my plan goes wrong and a bad decision become the reason of such bad luck. I'm $200 plus away from my capital and there profit is impossible without a big pump. I've set selling order in my desired amount of price but its going to be 24 hours now and no sign of pumping. Coin selection was not wrong but amount selection goes wrong. I can't open the app because I can't see my asset going down and this time recovery could take long time.

How long? that is unpredictable! This is probably the test of my patience and I'm ready for it. No more trading until my asset will be recovered, this is the disadvantage of investing on single coin when investing on multiple coin is the suggestion of experts. If it doesn’t reach to the desired price in next three months then I can be in trouble. My impatience attitude pushed me into the trap and the regret will remain until the price pump. I bought coin when it was in the middle neither high nor low.

Actually our wrong decisions bring the bad luck and some regret left. Still there are some hope and who knows one day I'll wake up with a good surprise and the coin I've invested will be recovered with the profit. Trading is risky specially when we are investing on only one coin and when we invest when its not dumping. I've experienced the side effect of taking risk but I'm still strong to take another risk lol.

Let's hope for a sudden pump of the coin and my all asset will be recovered asap. I want to think positive though it will take time. Each time my trading goes wrong but still I'm so brave to buy when price is pumping, rarely I get the right track to invest and fortunately made profit many times and also experienced the lose, fortunately those losses were not so big. I can't dare to enter the market until my coins bring some profit. The price pump can help me overcoming the feeling of regret and can save me from the loss. You can learn from my mistake.

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