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When Focus Is Making Money, Where We Are Wrong!

Making money can be goal of anybody or everybody but why you can't make money as much you expect let me tell you. These are my personal experiences cum something should always keep in mind. You can make money when you are really passionate about something, doesn’t matter how others making money from it. How much others successful on it. Your full focus and dedication is important.

For example, when I start learning graphic design to develop a new skill. Many people was passing negative thoughts like graphic design has no market demand, tough competition in this field, graphic designers are available like in each and every house and so on. I was fool and I wanted to jump to some other skill that has market demand because my focus was money making not enjoying the skill I'm going to develop and there I was wrong!

As I said feeling passion is much more important to make money beside that we have to enjoy doing the work. I jump one to another and this way neither I could become a good graphic designer nor a web developer and not a programmer. So when goal is making money we are actually wrong there. Goal should be skill development and I should feel the passionate about the skill I'm going to develop.


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Later I understand the face and tried to fix it by practicing only graphic design but honestly I felt no passion so what to do now? Already a lots of time and money invested on it. What's my passion? That takes time to find out when it was so closer to me. It was writing thoughts that blogging platforms appreciate and welcome. I came back to writing after wasting two years to other skills that was not my passion.

Actually my first online earning was from writing but I wanted to make more money by doing multi tasking. I tried designing, photography and others but the learning was not waste because I still do a little graphic design for my blogs I share. I do photography which is also important for writing original blogs or posts. I made a bridge among my skills as original photos for blogs and graphics get appreciation.

So hope you understand from my story that where we are wrong. When you have skill and passion about particular field, market will find you through your portfolio and at that time your skill will get market demand. Stop listening negative comments and listen to your heart that can help you decide your passion for skill development. Be a pro on particular skill and you have no need to look back and you’ll keep moving forward, money will be the dirt of your hand and you’ll be financially independent and stable for lifetime. Its not a movie story, it can be your life story, just feel the passion for skill.

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