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The Hottest Crypto Market : Bitcoin Is Closer To $70k

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Alhamdulillah (Praise to be Almighty Allah), This morning I made around $49 from my crypto trading and it made my day! Finally I become the lucky one who took the advantage of hottest crypto market. Last night bitcoin hit $68k and it was closer to all time high bitcoin price or I can say it was closer to $70k price. This look so good and my trading was successful and its time for my next buy and my buying orders were successful once again. Its a happy day for many of us!

ETH performance is also noticeable as it also on the way to reach $4k worth price value. I still can't believe my eyes because I experienced bear market around more than two years and finally coins showing bullish mood. If this is the beginning before the halving then we can expect bitcoin price more than $100k before the end of this year. Honestly I was expecting to get back 2021 year when my favorite coins was at good price value, but I don’t mind if I get more in this bull market and it will be more than my expectations from crypto market. 

Optimism price pump is not ignorable. Right now when I checked the highest price of this token it showed around $4.58 worth and it pump more than +15%. Those are lucky who sold their optimism at the highest price rate. I would love to buy this again when it will be below $4 but not sure about trading decision because it is changeable and last few days my trading steps are satisfying me and I've no regret on my buying decision as I made good enough from my regular trading. 

Here risk takers are mostly winners. I was so scared to buy but somehow I convinced myself to buy and made profit from that buying crypto asset. If I didn’t buy and remain inactive then I would miss the opportunity to make profit. Optimism seems cross the all time high price record and made new record. I get desperate or else my profit could be bigger but its still fine because I don't want to be greedy so I prefer making small profit from my small investment. 

May this happy day knock my door everyday and I may make profit from my investment. This way I may able to recover my losses of 2023 and may afford buying bitcoin someday and these are my crypto trading goals for now. It will be a happiest day when my crypto goals will be accomplished. Till than I'm working on growing my crypto wallets. Hope you all experienced the happy day I'm experiencing right now!

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