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Once Again Aim To Build Crypto Asset


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Sitting idle will bring nothing so at least investing half of our money to build crypto asset can be wise. This is not my first time when I'm aiming this and my last attempt was not a waste. Not sure how long this will be possible because market can go against my plan anytime. There is a hope because I'm using half of my total stable coin for buying crypto this time.

The lower price will be, the more I'll be able to buy but as usual I'm taking low risk and doing this kind of trading for a small amount of crypto earning as always. Crypto market is an ocean where from I'm collecting crypto like a drop of water with the hope that someday my glass will be full and it will quench my thirst. Everyday can be a new beginning and who knows someday crypto can surprise me with a big pump.

The all I'm doing just buying crypto when it is a little down and saving the profit amount in my funding wallet as I did in the past. For example if you have 100 dollars and you buy crypto with it and when your coin pump you’ll make 102 dollars and you can buy again crypto and the 2 dollar profit can increase the amount of crypto that you can save or hold for surprise pump of your coin. Sounds simple math but sometimes it is hard to continue this for long time as I told crypto market not always move as we plan.

In this kind of trading you hardly can get the chance of buying dip but taking risk is important for every kind of trading. You may increase crypto asset or stable coin, you should know how to use it for next trading or holding the crypto for the big pump can be wise decision. I always talk about wise trading but as a human being I make mistake. I don't stake, future trading and bot trading because I find this kind of easy money forbidden as I'm a religious person. I've no power to stop things which is forbidden but I've control on me to avoid forbidden things.

Spot trading is the best to me though it is risky and sometimes cause loss but my wrong decisions behind the loss, market is not responsible for my losses. It's me who learn from my own mistakes and try to fix them as much possible. Anyway, I just hope the asset building plan will work and will help me making something surprisingly big someday. Crypto is a hope and I don't want to lose it!!

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