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March Crypto Trading Plans And Financial Goals


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March just begin and we all have positive plans to develop our crypto finance. February was unexpectedly good and gave more than I planned. Actually setting crypto goal is a complicated matter if market doesn’t cooperate according to our plans. My aim or strategy is very simple and crystal clear. My investment will be not random but holding stable coin is my aim to buy my desired coin or token when it will be available for buying. 

Upcoming months may change our crypto earning and holding experience completely as we know bitcoin halving is not far away and bull market seems closer so positive vibes everywhere but still many timid investors like me are not ready to invest their all and this fear will never let us making big. Throwing stone to the dark is not wise so we should take a break before buying and sometimes selling. Doing it at once can cause the matter of regret as I experienced that many times. 

The most impressive part about bitcoin is holding it’s price above $60k and its trying It's best to be above $65k and investors who will be able to hold bitcoin for bull season can still buy and can experience the 2x profit. I'm not a bitcoin experts but I follow crypto observers and they predicted that bitcoin will hit $100k-$120k or more when it will be bull market so according to this calculation if I buy bitcoin today then I can expect 2x profit on bull market moment. It means bitcoin still worth buying.  Altcoins are also performing good but I prefer having risk and investing on only one. 

My plans are very simple and I can't bear complications specially when it is case sensitive. My investment is not my extra money and I earned it investing my precious time so its my expectation to earn profit and it can be small amount but it shouldn’t be a loss when I'm investing both time and money. So my plan for March is as always,  I will keep trading until my stable coins will be available in my wallet. 

Wish to have a blessed March when I'll be able to accumulate either more crypto coins or stable coins to buy them to hold for next trading. Beside trading I'll keep earning from my blogging and may use them for future investment. Right now I'll be happy with small profit and when I'll be able to hold a big amount I'll hold it for the bull run though I'm not ready for bull market yet even it is closer to us. March can bring more blessings when I'll trade wisely.  Let's hope for the big. 

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