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Looks Like Bear Market For Altcoins


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Last few days crypto market is down and you all know that. Altcoin price looks like going back to bear market though bitcoin price is still $65k and above, not yet bellow the price of it. Not sure if it goes bellow $65 because market looks frustrating so I'm trying to focus on my festival holidays instead crypto more. According to binance in last 24 hours bitcoin price was highest $66k (a little more) and lowest price was $65k. There are some shocking dump for few altcoins in my favorite list and I bought them too.

Solana is also down unexpectedly but once I can remember that bitcoin and other altcoins were down but Solana price was up. Desperately miss those days. Though my investment was not big but the asset reduction ratio is really very shocking and I'm losing my interest on checking crypto price daily. Crypto market move checking help me writing crypto update and also help me to set my next move.

If bear market will come back then I don't know what will be my next step. The holding period would be longer this time or I should think about the surprise pump? Current crypto market forcing me to think about bear market when this is the year when we should experience bull run.

According to crypto observers or experts we going to experience bull market either at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year and at the beginning of this year the prediction seems going to be real. Even after bitcoin halving market was not as down as today. Many altcoins pumped surprisingly and there was a hope of bull market. There still a hope of bull market as bitcoin price is not yet bellow $60k price so I think it's worth holding coins and wait for the good time in crypto market once again.

Better we keep thinking positive and hold if we are not able to invest more on this down season. We shouldn’t lose hope, It's my personal conception that altcoin price dump leading it to bear market but here crypto holders mostly get rewarded with profit as they invest both time and money to it. Big investors are big gainers here but waiting for the pump is a must. This is indeed good time for buying or investing on crypto. Not a financial advice, just sharing personal observation.

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