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Good news for investors, bitcoin is closer to $60k. As always I got desperate and bought altcoins when it was little high and my asset lost the value more than $300 now in last two weeks. This doesn’t disappoint me now anymore because I'm familiar with this kind of market move. This time I buy hive and I bought it with my all money. Actually I made this plan instantly and got desperate. I'm not regrating because hive has good reputation in the market and not bad as altcoin.

This can be a good time when you can buy bitcoin or you can wait for deep because my crypto observer friends believe that bitcoin price will be down again before the bull market and yes I still expect bull market because crypto market can move forward anytime and little gainers like me sell asset for small profit. Sometime I feel really very unfit for crypto trading because I can't wait for the big and regret later. I've no regret on buying high but I've regret that I can't wait for the right time.

Bitcoin investors finally going to have the right time for buying more though it is always great buying bitcoin. Bitcoin investors can wait for the bull market and this waiting will help them to be a huge gainer. If you can afford buying bitcoin, then consider yourself the luckiest because not everyone can afford buying it. Crypto currency is not only digital asset or gold but also a life changing powerful asset. Bitcoin buyers are definitely rich and bull market can make them richest. I find myself loser because I can't wait for the big and at the end it cause me regret.

Whatever, you can buy now or can wait for the deep because bitcoin price is $62k and it is not impossible to see it below $60k. Bitcoin in bull market season has chances to pump 2x from the current bitcoin price so right now buying bitcoin can be a profitable deal. If you agree more and can afford buying and holding it for bull market then go for it before bitcoin hit $120k or more in bull season. Altcoins are down and many of you can buy altcoins too though bitcoin is the best and recommend by all crypto experts.

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