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Did You Try Any Flash Sale In This Christmas Shopping?


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What's up guys? How is going your Christmas celebration. We don't celebrate it physically but as a part of virtual world we almost part of this celebration at least virtually. As always my curious mind was asking something and here it become my discussion topic today. The discussion is based on business and finance, and most of my posts are based on personal finance.

Celebration means time for shopping, minimum 80% people get excited to buy something new at this festival time. Sellers take this as the best opportunity and offer different kind of offers and discount. Honestly I've never tried any flash sale but it sounds pretty exciting and interesting to me. But some questions still buzzing in my mind. Does flash sales allow us checking the quality of product? Is this fine responding a flash sale when its available on festival time?

Made a research to learn more and yes ofcourse this is for promotion purpose and a flash sale can offer discount with a big percentage. For sellers its a kind of selling strategy but sometimes it could be a trap because we can't check the quality properly in a short time but if the product belongs to a reputed brand then we can give it a chance.

Sometimes we make mistake when get over excited about something. Flash sales are available for short period and with discount or offers, that attract many buyers. If your favorite product is available less than your budget then why not you try it? You will try it definitely but who will ensure the quality? Maybe I'm overly concerned about quality and why don't I? If the product is low quality and not under the refund policy then it will be me who will suffer for get into the trap.

Actually sometimes we try to save some money but waste instead. No one going to refund our loss so taking time before buying products could be a wise decision. If a trustworthy brand offering authentic product in flash sale then we can go for it but better we check refund policies and product unboxing terms and conditions after having the delivery. In this Christmas season there are many offers, discount and flash sale is open even flash sale could be available for winter products because this is the season and we people buy winter products.

If you made any purchase on flash sale, hope you had a great deal and celebrating Christmas full on. I personally believe only branded and trust worthy products can be buy on flash sale and we can skip newly launched products in the market having no review and feedback from users or buyers. Anyway, I wish you had a great Christmas shopping so far, Enjoy your celebration and holiday.

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