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Crypto Market Signal: It’s Worth Waiting

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Bitcoin price right now is $67k and it giving me signal to wait for my desired price pump. My coins are also pumping though the pumping is far away from my buying price amount but the price pump of bitcoin giving me motivation of holding instead doing random trading. Everything has a end and my waiting will be end too and I'll come back to trading once again like before.

The inner me pushing me to sell crypto and buy dip but I would prefer holding as it is still moving forward. Though anything can happen here and can dump the price anytime but still waiting is a hope and my selling crypto asset doesn’t going to help me to make profit so I wish to hold untill it will be at least closer to my buying price. It's worth waiting and market right now giving me this signal. Last 24 hours my crypto coins in my wallet is increasing and I'm expecting a little more pump to see my crypto available at good price.

Time is money but money can't buy time. Sometimes we get stuck and it cause either long time waiting or a loss for taking risk to continue trading. Sometimes losses are recovered by taking high risk and sometimes it cause more loss. For me this is the first time when I'm waiting for the desired crypto pump and not thinking about taking high risk to continue trading. I already have experience of loss so I'm waiting for my desired price and this is easy for me and risk free too.

But crypto market is a place where there no risk, no gain. So my decision can be change anytime. Right now market suggesting me to wait and if my luck will be good enough then I would make some profit from my previous investment. Let's see, I shouldn’t be overwhelmed just because market is showing green candles. Observing market more help us having the good decision and I'll keep continue observing and someday my waiting will be profitable for me. Will keep you sharing my crypto market experience so stay tuned!

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