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Crypto Market Seems Struggling To Bring Back Green Candles

By shohana1 | Business & Finance | 21 Aug 2023

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Just saw green candles for my favorite coins in Binance wallet and it looks like these coins are struggling to bring back the green candle. Ups and down is happening continuously. In the morning I saw some coin was up but it almost getting down again in few house but the green candle not yet turn to red candle which is a positive sign that I should mention. The target amount reaching can't possible over a night but few crypto coins showed that sometimes it can pump double over a night and I became the witness of it so a hope always deep inside in my heart for cryptos.

Last week the market was down and my favorite coins were dip but this week some positive changes come to each coins. Right now I have two coins in my wallet and I may convert them to some other coin as I take decision without any plan and my steps are instant, that's why I never had a big profit yet. This time I'll wait as long as I can afford and my desired amount sell is already placed though it is changeable as I told my decision change instantly. I'm waiting 3-4 months for my desired amount for crypto selling but unfortunately I could not catch any.

The market is showing and sharing positive vibes as I told about suspend coins in binance in my last posts, the suspend is now over and now we can deposit the coin in our binance for holding or trading safely. Last month in July I had a bad experience of asset losing and sake of avoiding such account hack I'm bringing my asset to my personal binance account to store it in a safe place. I've activated all secured methods for the wallet like finger print, PIN code require for each new login from a new device. I think safety is required and I'm trying my best to save my asset in a safe wallet that has less chances of hacking.

Anyway, let's come back to the topic of this post. The green candle is encouraging me to trade but I've a little target amount to trade again successfully. I'm holding crypto and I've nothing to buy when the red candle will appear again. The all I'm preferring right now is waiting and I may wait for a little pump of my coins and later if the red candle is again appear then I can buy back more. My strategies are only effective when I can wait for the right time. And I think this is same about all of us.

Hope the green candle will surprise us with a big pump soon and BTC right now 26k in the market as I saw last time. When BTC moving forward, other coins also shows the green candle and this positive move alert us for a profitable trading. No one likes trading for loss and waiting is the only key for holders. I think experts knows their next move but honestly I'm not an expert so better I hold tight my asset and wait for a little pump at least. I don't have any big regret yet on trading and I don't want to do too. Hope this green signal in the crypto market will make investors more hopeful and encourage them to invest more in near future.

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