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Crypto Market Is Crazy, It Drive Us Crazy

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Just a day ago yesterday market was green, and today its moving a little backward. Bitcoin offered buying as it move back to $50k but it was closer to $53k. Optimism switched on the hope of light and price pumped but it is showing red candle like other coins in the market. My all fav coins are showing red candles and this is investors time. As always I got desperate as I was expecting pump but after buying as usual the price of my coin dump. Waiting period again and one more time I get a chance to overcome my previous losses if I can buy and sell coin wisely. 

This morning I was observing market and my favorite coins but I couldn’t decide what to write and what to predict on next market move. Most of the time I share crypto market updates and how it works on my trading. Once again I buy crypto when price was pretty high because I can't wait buying and I can't wait and hold for the big.  Every time I fail because trading is addictive. Once I made profit and that made me addicted to it. But trust me, if you can't wait for the pump then nothing can make you profit so waiting patiently can give you the reward of it.

These things already discussed in my several blogs so let me focus on current crypto market status or move. As far I know bitcoin always move a little backward when it going to have a big jump, I can compare it to the cheetah and that's the reason I find crypto market crazy and it drive us crazy too. If I would be a bitcoin Investor then I could wait for the cheetah jump of it and my prediction for it will be always positive.

Once people thought bitcoin price will be 10k and it was bear market season, whoever expected to buy at that dip couldn’t buy but if they bought when it was bear market and bitcoin price was $20k or less then there is a possibility of 3x profit soon but they have to hold it for the 3x magical moment. If they still want to hold to make $5x profit or more then bull market will be the best season for them. Investors sometimes get puzzled because market move is unpredictable most of the time and crypto market make investors crazy by showing red candle and green candle like it will be long lasting but it change like weather,  it can be sunny and very often its rainy. 

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