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Crypto Celebration Moment, Bitcoin Hit 50k Last Night

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This is always super exciting to see crypto market green and bitcoin price high. Last few weeks Bitcoin was closer to 50k and I predicted that the price will hit 50k soon and last night it happened! Heart of crypto marketers definitely dancing because this is the beginning. Altcoins and Ethereum also performing good and market looks green for last few days. Would love to see more progress in this April as the bitcoin halving news in the air. February is the month of love for many and investors on crypto will fall in love with bitcoin and other crypto coins in the market.

All coins are pumping but once again I got desperate and sold when it was start pumping and it was sold in loss, once again the waiting period would be longer for buying my desired coin. This pump could be profitable to me if I hold my token with patience but as always I lost my patience and sold when it was far away from my buying price. This is not my first time making such wrong decision and I really don't know when I'll learn to hold patience and hold crypto coins in my wallet for the right time.

This is still buying time for bitcoin investors because the price of it can be 2x more than the current price of bitcoin according to expert's prediction. But when you are unable to wait for bull market then wait for red candles in the market to buy bitcoin and it can be profitable even before the bull run. This is not a piece of financial advice but my personal market observation says we should buy crypto coins when market is showing red signal. Even I don't follow this and buy unplanned and suffer from regret. Right now I'm not making profit from my asset but if I waited little more then it could be profitable to me too.

Still the price pump of bitcoin a kind of celebration time for me because when boss coin price pump, other coins follow the lead sooner or later. As a crypto fan I always want to see more progress of bitcoin price and other crypto coins also go to the moon like bitcoin. One of my friend took screenshot when bitcoin hit 50k and my social media X feed is full of this news which sounds like a celebration among crypto community members. This is the beginning as market observers believe that bitcoin will hit 100k at the end of 2024. And the sign bitcoin is showing today it feels like the prediction will be real before the end of 2024.

Its a misfortunate that I couldn't take advantage of the market right now but I'm hopeful for future and trying to hold patience for it as all the coins I didn't sold but still I sold in loss but this can be recovered in trading for the next time. I missed the opportunity this time but good time will knock my door someday. Crypto coin holders enjoying the fruit of patience right now and I'm happy for them. Need to recover $100 and this can be possible when I'll buy dip again. The plan for regular trading fail once again but time will change and I'll see my good days soon InshaAllah!

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