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BTC Price Pump Around 7k ($57k-$64k) In 24 Hours,

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Aww what a lovely day is today!  Finally bitcoin is above $60k and honestly I didn’t expect this so early though crypto market observers and experts knew they will experience something like this sooner. Its a happy day for we crypto lovers and marketers. Still investors can hold for big pump or bull market which seems closer to us. I'm not getting overexcited though I recover some of my previous losses and can plan my next trading move by buying coin or token. Right now enjoying market move and preparing for my next buy. 

Good days help us to forget the red candle days when we shouldn’t forget that crypto market is surprising and here anything can happen any time. Last night optimism also perform too good as they allow me to trade twice. I bought optimism when price was $3.6 and sold it when it was $3.875 and this way I made some stable coin that I can save for crypto buying when market will offer me buying my desired coin in affordable price. 

The crypto market these days offering me trading regularly and this become possible when I start buying in different amount of price and selling it when its pumping a little bit. Profit is small but still a profit and that should be priority. Constant trading is full high risk for those who doesn’t research market like me and doesn’t target and can wait. If you can wait, can target then there is no possibility of loss. Many of you already preparing for bull market when I'm just trying to increase my asset for big investment someday. 

It feels like celebration time to welcome bull market. Green signal in crypto market fill our heart with joy and emotional trader like me hardly can hide their emotions. Many altcoins in my favorite list also pumping a little bit but its fine to going up price gradually instead fast price pump. Today's world expect everything faster but slow growing can last for long and who doesn’t want to see green candles last long in crypto market?

Last night the price pump of bitcoin was around $7k in 24 hours and surprised many of us who didn’t expected such big pump. Still bitcoin holding price above $60k and that was my prediction that very soon BTC will hit $60k and the next target price pump should be $65k and we may get a surprise and the price value can be $70k  or more too. 

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