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BTC Hit $57k And ETH Hit $3.2k, Bull Market Seems Closer

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One more time my prediction comes true as I was expecting to see bitcoin price $55k in few days or weeks. $57k price of bitcoin which is not only more than $55k but also closer to $60k which is next target of bitcoin price pump. This made me happiest because who doesn’t want to see the price pump of king coin in crypto market? Altcoins are also performing good and green candle is on. Is this the sign of bull market and it seems closer. The all I need from crypto to stay high and the price may go to the moon and I'm not alone who want or expect this!

Got desperate and sold a little amount of my desired token and made $13 profit from regular trading amount. As I told about splitting stable coin for buying in different amount and it does work for me and that helped me recovering my capital investment on crypto coin and someday it will help me recovering my all losses that made me broken last year. The crypto market is always open for investors and buying dip help making big profit from investment. 

Looks like altcoins and tokens will pump surprisingly and investors can think about altcoins to invest on them too. Bitcoin is priority to rich investors and the reputation of bitcoin influence them to invest and hold tight. ETH price pump is also noticeable and it remind me about the 1.20 ETH that I lost in scam last year. If today I had that amount of ETH then I could make 2x profit from that and I would won $4k USDT but my bad that I trust scammers and fall into the trap.

Whatever,  losses can be recovered with the time and bad experiences are always a lesson that we should learn to be more strong. Thank those bad people who cheated you because they taught you the lesson that you need to learn. Financial progress may help me forgetting such bad experience but I shouldn’t forget the lesson to stay safe for next time. Not everyone and everything is trustworthy and nothing bad if you test before trust. May none fall into scam trap in this 2024 and this year may bring huge blessings in our life. 

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