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Asset Recovering So Waiting For The Right Time

By shohana1 | Business & Finance | 3 Sep 2023

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Some temporary green candles forcing me to trade but this is not yet the right time when I should go for it. But its hard to control to play the buy and sell game so I made a small trading of $200 worth asset. Its really hard to control but sake of real profit we have to wait for the right time. The temporary up down can makes us confuse specially those who doesn’t understand the market strategies completely. Count me one of them, sometimes I don't even understand that I'm making profit or losing asset or money?

So waiting for a pretty good pump can be right time for sell and a down price of assets at least 5-10 cents down can help us buying more asset than the last trade. This way we can lower our chance of losses. Though I'm not a financial expert but several losses and profits made me knowledgeable and now I'm trading wisely sake of saving my assets. According to my analysis, random trading bring either less profit or loss most of the time so we shouldn’t get over excited when coins are pumping 3%-4% and this is not yet the right time, I must say!

Last two days my asset value were fall down to $200-$300 and it was frustrating. Its recovering so far but not yet completely recovered and this is not yet the right time. But when the right time will come, its unpredictable but it will definitely come sooner or later, we shouldn’t lose hope and at the same time we shouldn’t be overwhelmed about our trading plans and assets. We can set a good profit but reaching highest and getting lowest for the trading is hardly possible and will take a lots of time.

No one knows the next move of market which means it can go back to the red candle or go up to the current expectation on coins. Better we hold both asset and stable coin to invest when price is down. Balancing is really tough but still can be profitable and patience can be fruitful. To recover my previous losses I have to wait for 5-10 cents pump of the coin I'm holding in my wallet but it can't be possible over a night and sometimes not even possible in a year but we shouldn’t lose hope untill we can hold our assets.

Trading feels like puzzling all the time but waiting can solve the puzzle. My problem is holding patience and wait for long time. Sometimes I wish to uninstall my trading wallet and this way it will help me to wait for the right time. Sometimes we know our problems but we can't help it. As a result we experience the loss. Crypto market is not that complicated but we people make things complicated and can't blame crypto coins in the market. We are responsible for our own decisions not the market. So this is high time to calm down my over excited crypto trading attitude and waiting for the desired amount.

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