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Altcoins Are Improving, Bitcoin At Good Price

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Well, above $60k price of bitcoin can considered the good price especially when Altcoins were down like bear market were closer. Good to see that altcoin price is improving though anything can happen here anytime. I took risk yesterday because I wanted to build my crypto asset. And I'm still at risk but here either hold or risk taking can help us to gain. The coin I sold is pumping now and no wonder that market mostly go against my decision or those steps that I took desperately. It cause regret for sure!

Taking decision in desperate mood is known as the most risky process here in the market. Altcoins are getting good but I'm not yet satisfied with the price move of Solana because it is far away below to my buying price. But I'm ready to hold and not yet set my mind to take any kind of risk. Expecting to see Altcoins get back to the normal because the current price of some altcoins is lower than the price it had in bear market season. This is necessary for we Altcoin investors because we aim to afford buying bitcoin someday but Altcoins are the stairs to reach that goal.

Bitcoin price range in last 24 hours is $64k to $66k and this is not a huge dump for this king crypto coin. Altcoins may get back to normal soon but the way it get down, it should get up such way and it was almost instantly. Right now I've sold some asset and it would cause loss if I'll be not able to buy dip. So the risk taking has began yesterday and not yet cause loss. If I waited a little longer than I could sold a little high and also could increase my crypto asset. But no problem, maybe next time I'll be smart enough to take the right decision.

There is a hope of gaining crypto asset as market is getting red and this is unpredictable that when it will turn green. Waiting is good but sometimes waiting can cause regret too. See, I'm not discouraging your patience but this is the bitter truth that waiting doesn’t always guarantee success or profit but yes, a long time waiting mostly bring success and profit. I took risk but I personally don’t suggest anyone to take risk because risk taking doesn’t guarantee you profit so your money and your crypto should be your decision, either you hold or you take risk to make profit. Hope Altcoin investors will get back their good time.

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