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Twitter Trouble and Good News

By Yugocean | Business Champion | 12 Jan 2023

Office Trouble

Trouble - Elon Musk has stopped paying rent for Twitter's international offices, resulting in clouser of office spaces  Good News - With no office, Musk have to allow work from home. 

Business Trouble 

Trouble - High expenses, low revenue, technical debit are hitting the company. Some analysis compare it with situation of Southwest airlines. Good News - Musk has started new offers to attract people, this also includes monetizing.  

Competition Trouble

 Trouble - A good number of people from Twitter are joining competitors like Mastodon.

Good News - Competition will keep Musk from becoming dictator, and he will do more improvement. 

Change Trouble 

Trouble - Musk has announced several upcoming changes, which might change twitter completely. .

Good News - Changes are followed by public demand, so this is the people's choice, which means unnecessary changes will be rolled back too. 



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