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Sir Boby Robson, the greatest English Coach!

By Etson0x | Burky | 4 May 2020

Hello everyone.. Safe and healthy days..

First of all i want to thank to the Netflix because they are bringing us lots of great sports movies/series to us in these lockdown days.. And we all have too many free times that we would watch it all..

Sir Boby Robson; "The greatest English Coach", Gary Lineker says and Paul Gascoine says the same.. Jose Morinho says that he owed everything to the Robson and he added "I wouldn't have a career like this if i didn't meet him".. (They have worked together in Porto and when Robson moved to Spain for Barcelona he brought Morinho with him and helped him big time for his future career..)

Also one of the greatest coach Sir Alex Ferguson says that he is greatest.. But why? Why these important names says that he is the best?

Let us check his coaching career first..

After he finishes his playing career he has made an impact with Ipswich Town and they won the English FA Cup.. That was big surprise for everyone and his glorious coaching days has started.. After he brought the FA Cup in 1978 for Ipswich, 3 years later he has added UEFA Cup to their museum and his name has heard from all over the world..

I could hear his name first with the English National Football team first, after 1982 World Cup failure with Ron Greenwood, Robson has became the boss.. But he failed for 1984 and England couldn't go to France for Europen Championship..



Two years later the England National Football team has managed to go to the 1986 World Cup in Mexico but this time Diego Armando Maradona stopped them with the "Hand of God" and "Goal of the Century"..

1990 World Cup was his last games for England team, they have managed to reach to the semi's but Germany have beat them with penalties.. England finished 4th in 1990. In total Robson got 47 wins, 28 draws and 18 loses in 93 games with England..

After that he went to Portugal, Holland and finally Spain for Barcelona.. He was doing great job in Barca with Ronaldo but the management has broke their words and choosed Van Gaal over him.. I believe that was really unfair.. Lots of people got shocked after his departure..

Finally he came back to England and signed with Newcastle United.. He has built the nodays newcastle in early 2000's and carried the club to the next level.. And his departure from Newcastle wasn't fair as well.. I can easily say that he was not a really lucky man..

While he was coaching them the Queen awarded him with the "Sir" title in 2002..



So, he is the greatest but not for his success, he is greatest because he has the greatest humanity and he loved the people a lot.. Cared about everyone.. Just like a big brother or father..

I have took some notes from the movie and wanted to share them with you, i believe you would understand why everyone consider Robson for the best:

Paul Gascoine: I got messed up after my football career finished.. I was nearly dying.. But he never stop called me.. He called me 2-3 times a week and he visited me when he can.. I owe my life to him..

Sir Alex Ferguson: He helped me a lot and gave me inspration in my first coaching days.. I am grateful that i met him.. He was amazing person.. Nearly all coaches takes care abput the first team to survive in their jobs but Robson always cared about the young players and that's why he did great with the Ipswich..

He invited me to Ipswich training before our UEFA Cup game while i was managing Aberdeen and i believe that was something weird but it helped me a lot.. I believe no one would do the same.. No one!

Jose Morinho: He changed my life when we first met.. I haven't got any idea that i was become a this big.. I was only his translator in Portugal.. Now i am one of the most famous cach in the world.. Grateful to him.. [Also when they both arrive to Barcelona, Robson insisted to work with Morinho and said to the Barca management; "Cut my salary and give to him, don't pay extra money".. That was something amazing..]

Pep Guardiola: He came to Barcelona after Johan Cruyff and that was really hard times for him.. If you become manager after Cruyff the expectations would be too big.. But i believe he did great and i have learnt lots of things from her.. His personality was best.. I got many lessons from him and i am using them in my coaching career..



Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima: I was 19 years old and Boby Robson wanted me to see with Barcelona and my career has changed that time.. (By the way he was the most expensive player in Barca history in 1996..)

He passed away in 2009.. R.I.P legend.. We will always remember you..

Thank you for reading..

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