Racism at UEFA Champions League??

By Etson0x | Burky | 9 Dec 2020


Hello everyone.. Have good days..

I believe that was a big scandal.. Maybe we don't know whole the situation yet but there would be no smoke if there wasn't a fire..

As you know it all happened last night at Champions League Group H.. That was 14th minute and the 4th official referee Sebastian Coltescu has talked with Basaksehir's assistant coach Pierre Webo and everything went mad after that..

He has used "Negru" word which means black in Romanian language and that was the beginning of the mess..

PSG's player Presnel Kimpembe arrived to the mess point and after he got the situation he just said let's leave the ground! I believe that was totally great move! That wasn't about the game anymore.. That was humanity.. I mean which referee would talk in this way?? And also what is black or white? Why should he use Negro word? We are all human beings and we have lots of colors! Who can talk about it? Anyways, i am getting mad when i see racist people! Shame on them..

After that Mbappe wrote a tweet and defended the opponent coach Webo.. That was also great.. Thank you for that Mbappe, that was also great behaviour..

Anyways, all players went to locker room and they never came back.. We still don't know when the game will resume playing.. As i say we don't really don't know exactly what has happened but it smells bad and wrong.. I wish that was all missunderstanding.. But it doesn't seems that way..

As a white man i always feel SHAME when i see this kind of situations.. Please stop this bullshit! We are all brothers.. We are all living together! We need each other! Stop creating anymore hate..

Thank you for reading me.. See you at better days!

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