Nature from my eyes Part I "Last Days of Roses"

By Etson0x | Burky | 20 Aug 2020

Hello everyone, have great days..

Some of you know i am living in my family's forest house and we also have lake in front of our garden.. I am very lucky to be here, i have left my place Istanbul on March when Covid-19 situation started.. I believe i am going to stay here very long time because Istanbul having more than 20 millions of people and it's too dangerous to live there right now..

Anyways, i wanted to show this place to you and today i am starting "Nature From MY Eyes" adventure.. I hope i can share daily but i am sure i will be able to do it couple of times in every week..

I wanted to start with "Roses"..

One of the prettiest flower isn't it?

Different types of colors and smell..

Maybe all of rose colors have different meanings.. Like, red roses for love, yellow roses for friendship and pink roses for romance..

You can also boil roses and drink or even you can eat them :)

I love rose jam do you?

Do you know rose vines? I love that!

Or you can have the rose juice with vodka or gin..

In here roses blossoms in May and end of August their times gets over.. So they have 10 days left for this year..

I took some of roses photographs just now and wanted to share with you before they die..

All photos taken with my iPhone 11 camera and i never use any filters..

I hope you like them..

Thank you..








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