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By Etson0x | Burky | 28 May 2020

Hello everyone, wish you the greatest day..

Today i want to show you some of my best TV series which you can find all of them on Netflix.. As some of you know i love watching series and time to time i am sharing my experiences with you in here..

This time i am not sticking only one show, i woud like to give you informations about my "lately" best historical series.. I love to watch sports and historical series mostly because these are my favorite things.. I love history and i love to know about it.. The events and the people.. Wars, kings, Old Gods.. I believe that my interest will not stop until i die.. 

So, i want to give you some of my best historical series infos / advices.. Which i watched lately in the lockdown.. I believe both of them is great and there are lots of precious details in them..


The Last Kingdom (IMDB Rating: 8,3)


 The history of the Nordic People (Vikings) and England.. The Dans had to find places for living better lives.. They only had mountains and snow out there in Scandinavia.. They had many wars in years and then they started to live together but that was not possible.. Amazing story.. Amazing war scenes.. I am sure they have spent lots of money for those scenes.. You would surprise how religion was important for both side.. Vikings were believe in several Gods like Odin.. 

Nowadays Great Britain was seperated lots of kingdom in 9th century.. The biggest kingdoms were Mercia, Northumbria, Essex, Kent and Sussex.. You should see their life.. And they also had the biggest love and fear to the Jesus and Christianism.. So if you watch this series you will see lots of things about their religions.. Four season and my rating is 8.0


Versailles (IMDB Rating: 7,9)


Gossips every where in glorious French palaces.. Amazing costumes and places.. If you love history you should take a look at this series.. Louis XIV of France considered one of the smartest French kings from lots of people.. He was 4 years old when he announced the king! After i watched the series i have digged about him and i saw that he was too important and everyone should know something about him.. I believe this sentence would tell us about  him perfectly.. His great love for his country.."I am going away, but the state will always remain" Two season and my rating is 8.1



The Last Dance (IMDB Rating: 9,3)  


I would put this series to my best list for sure! The story of the greatest team ever created.. How Michael Jordan became a superstar.. How MJ helped the Nike.. Story of Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen.. Phil Jackson is the greatest coach.. If you watch this series i believe you should ask yourself this question: Have i watched any better sports series??

I believe Jordan has shown to the world that he can do whatever he likes.. Basketball? Yes! Baseball? Yes! Businessman? Hell Yes! He has nearly $2 billion wealth today..  

One season series and my rating 9.9 🏆


Thank you for reading me, i would recommend you to watch those series, i am sure you will like them..


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