Goodbye Legend.. Goodbye Maradona..

By Etson0x | Burky | 25 Nov 2020

Hello everyone.. 

I feel little weird right now because i feel very sad because of someone i actually don't know.. And i haven't seen him once in my life.. Only on TV.. 

But i feel that i know him very much.. He was always on my mind.. I was always saying his name.. Not just me, everyone! We were shouting his name while we were playing football when i was a kid.. And we all have watched him in 1986 World Cup.. His glorious days.. The "Hand of God" has blessed with him.. He was the winner agaist whole world.. That was 34 long years ago but everyone still remembers that right? Even younger people knows about it.. 

Yes, he did amazing things and he won the WC.. But that was only the beginning.. He got twice Serie-A victory with Napoli in 3 seasons and he was the biggest factor for this success.. He showed us how a player could change  the football history.. And he made it right! I believe he was gifted and he wanted to show it to all the universe..  

He had lived his live too fast yes but i believe all that was his decisions.. He is still my hero and he will stay in that spot forever.. He was truly greatest footballer i have ever watched.. His stability and determination could give him this my power.. Rest in Peace Diego, i am never going to forget about you.. :'(



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