Can Libra Affect Bitcoin Price?

By Etson0x | Burky | 13 Oct 2019

The bitcoin remains on number one and it is not surprising.. As all we know the BTC is the first and the most strongest coin ever produced. 

If we check today the bitcoin price is: $8.450,73

BTC's 24 hours trade volume is: $12.731.382.351 

And the Bitcoin's marketcap is: $

Also we need to add BTC's dominance all over the market, which is %66.8

So with the light of this informations we can easily say that any coin can beat the BTC right? Not even get in race with the BTC.. It seems impossible.. But i would also never say "impossible" word when i am talking about the cryptocurrency market. Everything could possible in here right? We have seen many crazy stuff in this world.. 

All i think about the Facebook's coin Libra.. I think it will affect everything in the cryptocurrency market when it arrives to the exchanges. First lots of people was talking great about the Libra Coin but last week everything has changed in a very bad situation.. Biggest compaines making statements and they are telling the community that they are not with the Libra anymore.. As i mentioned in my previous post, VISA and MasterCard has left Libra partnership also some American senators talking about Libra's problems.. 

Is it manupulation? I don't know but Libra could affect anything.. Bitcoin as well. We will see is Libra bring damage? Or Libra will help the bad crypto market? I am waiting for the 2020 and Libra coin..

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