LoK - $Burger [BRGR] PayDay 18

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 4 Apr 2021

Dear BurgerLand Kings & Queens,

Another PayDay, another BRGR. Same story as last time: Since we won't withdraw due to higher costs and me having to verify (+ plans to put all lands in a multisig wallet) we'll just add up all the dividends from the lands and see how many BRGR's we scored this payday. As we didn't withdraw the DAI the rewards depicted should be subtracted with the amount of last time. One big difference this Payday, since the Northern Hive wasn't farmed we decided on selling the 9 lands. After discussing with some of the bigger BRGR holders, we decided that 0.979 was a fair price for the Estate in the North, and it was fairly quickly sold on Opensea. After subtracting costs of fees on Opensea we received 0.925 ETH and subtracting TX fees we ended up buying about 717.4958 BRGR from the open market. 


As we all know, 90% of sales will go to BRGR (and thus will be added to the community fund) and 10% is added on top of Payday for our hardworking Kings and Queens. The sale of the Land + changes in Victory Medals and crystal spending (which asks for a new p2e model) is also why POBB of last month was postponed, which will be either merged with next one or replaced with a mid-April one in the coming 2 weeks. As we didn't cash out the dividends, the unclaimed DAI on the Northern Hive was included in the sale, setting us back on dividends a bit, but which are overly compensated by the 10% of the sale (71.75 BRGR). With that being said, let's see how our remaining Lands have done: 



- last total


= 29,7297 DAI

Shrine Lands: 


Totalling 28,2119 - 15,8653 (last time) = 12,3466

Means our total DAI from the last 2 weeks = 42,0763 of which 33,66 (80%) will be used to reward our Kings and Queens and 8,41526 (20%) will be used for community fund building. See more in the next POBB.


+ 71.75 BRGR from the sale = 82,391 BRGR payout. As Lange still has possession of the Shrine Lands a portion of those payments will be taking care of by him (math will come to you @Lange). We as $Burger [BRGR] thank all the Kings and Queens, and remember, the bigger and better we get, the more valuable your BRGR will be! 

Till next time, 


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