Inner Source: Hermes THE BIGFOOT

Inner Source: Hermes THE BIGFOOT

By SabineTheQueen | BuonaPersona | 14 May 2020

Motivation is crazy

Motivation given to travel around the world isn't for everyone, like the James Bond's Opera. You want to be precious if you want to take the journey. To decide about the upcoming journey and its consequences, you'd better reconsider why you are here...


If you will do that...

... look out for an answer to the questions:

  • Will the impact you make on bystanders of your journey be  good one?
  • What is your strategy?
  • Do you even have any plan?


The Basics should come along

Basics makes the most - so try to determine the purpose first - and then the outcome:

PURPOSE - I need extreme risk to feel adrenaline.

OUTCOME - I put an effort to make the journey attraction safe.


How to do it

How you will acquire your journey success lies in what you give. The people across your way are living their live, they may not always know your purpose or be in the best mood. Hmm... give them something they don't expect - a chance to win!

You arleady played the game of live by going this far, and the people around are included too! So they win the most important thing - euphoria! Why is it so important, you ask? Because you're winning euphoria back - it's mutual!


... when you want to feel something!

How to make them feel same as you on the journey? By the give-and-take method! Spilling the beans by talking about your experiences can be the most profitable thing. Not only you shock them, but also they give you the present - they praise you!


It's so big like you're working your fingers (or feet) to the bone !!!



I am the crypto enthusiast, fresh off the finance minor degree. Lookin' for cash-out time & wine.


My thoughts on philosophy, spirituality and similar topics.

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