Around The Sign

By bunlee | bunleephotography | 12 Nov 2020

I have started a new habit of changing lens during shooting at night. Particularly when shooting the milky way. Also started to use a large aperture f/1.4 50mm lens to shoot (one of my first lens from when I have my first 7D. There are some issues when shooting with this lens, especially with "Astigmatism" being quite horrifying in the corner... It happened when you wide open your lens. Like the 2 examples below are shot at f/1.8 and 2.0



And to switch to a 20mm lens to included the sign of Banff National Park.


Some times, you go for any kind of foreground even if it is just saw a sign while you were driving!! Well.... I saw it on an afternoon and decided to go back on a clear night as it was just a stop on the way! And you can get to shot at 2 park!! :D


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Content creator: post-production, motion design, also get in front of the camera shooting what I love. Photography in landscapes, nightscapes, and my favorite is astrophotography! Also enjoy capturing time lapse and aerial video!


Photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I love travel and go to places that are able to capture the dark night sky

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