Fear Of Missing Out, I will be missing it?

Fear Of Missing Out, I will be missing it?

By @Bumi | BumiCrypt | 6 Oct 2021

These moments when the markets are so indecisive generate an almost sick anxiety that is why everyone talks about what they call FOMO that cryptocurrencies in a few months will make an impressive BOOM, where a large number of crypto and blockchain projects will be believe, it really drives me crazy so many recommendations and so many opinions regarding blockchain projects, I can not see my main YouTube page where the phrase "super project, hidden gem, towards the moon, that clickbait both in the names and in the thumbnails is like going crazy.

The truth is, I am not a very expert I try to learn as much as possible about crypto, but there is so much to investigate and every day more new things come out and I really would like to know everything, but many of those who teach about defi really do it with amounts of money that for someone young, with little capital and of which he cannot afford to lose a single dollar.

Many of those who read this capable article are investors with a decent capital in dollars and who are much better than me (in my opinion if I see them) they will say that I am a fool or a complainer, but really sometimes I do not know where to go With so many projects and so many offers to make one multiply your capital 10X.

What advice would you give me? Am I going crazy?



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i am satoshi XD lol


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