3 Undervalued Crypto Projects With MASSIVE Potential for 2020

3 Undervalued Crypto Projects With MASSIVE Potential for 2020

By Adamic0 | BullSquad | 14 Nov 2019

It’s been almost 2 years now since the last crypto winter and most of the crypto seasoners are out of the game. The weak hands have been shaken out and only strong hodlers remain. 

Therefore, the market is showing bullish signs once again and it all started with Bitcoin. Remember in February of this year? Bitcoin was trading at just $3.2K, yet it managed to recover to $14K before consolidating around the $9-10K level.

As for altcoins, many of them appear to have bottomed and are in a phase of accumulation. What’s more, this assumption is backed up by evidence in the Altcoin Market Cap & Altcoin Dominance charts.

altcoin dominance

As seen from the tweet above, the Altcoin Market Cap has broken out of its downward wedge and is forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern – extremely bullish signs. 

And if that’s not bullish enough for you, the altcoin dominance is showing strength and about to break through a strong monthly resistance level. Once broken, we can expect altcoins to explode to the upside.

In light of this bullishness, many ask, when altseason? What to buy, where to set your position? 

Well, here are my well-researched picks that despite the crypto winter they continue their hard work, are in phases of accumulation, have excellent teams, and have a chance to flourish in 2020 and years to come. 

Genesis Vision (GVT)


This highly skilled team from Russia have been working on a platform where you can invest in traders themselves rather than companies. Think of eToro on the blockchain with smart contracts. 

Genesis Vision has created a platform and ecosystem where asset managers compete in delivering profits to their investors. Skilled asset managers are given the opportunity to monetize their skillset by receiving income from extra funds under management and from managerial fees. With Genesis Vision, asset managers have the freedom to trade any market or asset of their choice including ETFs, forex, oil, crypto and more. 

The other component of Genesis Vision are investors. 

Rather than investing or trading directly on the market, investors choose an investment program that suits their risk tolerance and profit requirement. Genesis Vision makes investing simple by enabling investors to invest in people with proven track records, rather than in the complicated and volatile assets themselves.

Therefore, Investors benefit from the giant upside potential crypto trading presents, without mastering trading and learning the complexities of financial markets. 

Moreover, Genesis Vision leverages the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure transparency and trust. It also features the Genesis Vision Token (GVT), which is an ERC-20 utility token at the heart of the Genesis Vision ecosystem. 

GVT is a requisite for the Genesis Vision platform and serves as a universal currency for investments and profit distribution.

What’s so special about Genesis Vision?

They Constantly Deliver


When investing in any particular crypto, it’s vitally important to see constant progress and updates from the team as it shows strength and growth in the project, even if the price says otherwise. 

In the case of Genesis Vision, their team is constantly delivering updates and improvements to its trading platform. Just look at the number of upgrades from the Genesis Vision Platform Update 1.8 in October. 

Even more, the GV 1.9 update will be released soon and a more major GV 2.0 update will be released by the end of the year.

They Spread GVT Awareness


In July of this year, Genesis Vision attended the Barcelona Trading Conference which featured GVT as well as companies like Binance, CoinMarketCap, eToro and others.

During the conference, Genesis Vision CEO Dmitry Nazarov was featured on stage with representatives of Binance and other crypto companies to have a discussion on the topic of institutional adoption.

Genesis Vision also had their own booth where they spread project awareness and interacted with community members


They have a Working Product with Proven Results

The Genesis Vision trading platform is fully operational with more than 100 profitable funds to invest in and nearly 100 skilled asset managers to choose from. 


The platform is experiencing real adoption with new funds and programs added nearly every day and investors are making serious profits. Just look at those profits from the top-performing asset managers in the screen capture below:


On an extra note, it’s worth mentioning that Genesis Vision’s Co-Founder Alexey Kutsenko is also a founder of Tools4Brokers, a platform that helps ie. Forex Brokers with more than 300 clients. And his company is expanding to Cyprus as we speak.

All in all, this is a sign that Genesis Vision has solid expertise and backing in order to survive the times when their token price eats dirt.

As seen from the chart above, the GVT price chart does not look all that attractive. In fact, 95% of people probably won’t even touch GVT because its price isn’t pumping. 

However, the remaining 5% will be smart enough to see that the project development hasn’t stopped and that GVT meets all the conditions to invest in when everyone has sold it. 

PegNet (PEG)


This cryptocurrency is incredibly new and exciting and isn’t even listed on CoinMarketCap yet. It has tremendous upside potential and is poised to play a revolutionary role in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space. 

PegNet is a stablecoin 4.0 network for payments, conversions, and store of value for digitized assets including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, commodities, and more. 

It’s a decentralized stablecoin network of tokens pegged (stabilized) to different currencies and assets. It enables decentralized trading and conversion of value without the need for counterparties and aims to create the foundation for decentralized finance (DeFi). 

PegNet’s mainnet was only just recently launched in October 2019 as an open, distributed, and autonomous protocol running on top of the Factom protocol. 

The network launched with 29 assets including 14 major currencies, 2 metals, and 14 cryptocurrencies (including the PEG). Each asset is represented as pegged tokens such as pEUR, pUSD, pBTC or pGold.

All of these pAssets can easily be converted between each other for just 1/10th of a cent ($0.001) on the PegNet. This enables low-cost payments with any asset and also enables participants in the network to seamlessly trade with one another peer-to-peer on a global scale.

As for PEG – the network’s native cryptocurrency token – it serves as the main gateway into pegged tokens (pAssets) and pretty much summarizes the value of all these pegged assets/tokens. 

All in all, PegNet is an exciting new protocol that enables new possibilities with digitized assets and cryptocurrencies. If you want to take a deep dive into understanding PegNet and PEG, check out this in-depth article, it sure helped me understand it better.

What’s so special about PegNet?

PegNet is still a very new project and it’s already growing at an unprecedented rate. In fact, it’s growth is parabolic. The network took only 34 days to reach just over $1 million in market cap, signaling strength and belief in the project.

Another attribute signaling parabolic growth is mining PegNet. PegNet has already experienced a 100x growth in hash rate since its launch in October, reaching over 680 million Mh/s on November 7. At this rate PegNet’s hash rate will be over 1 billion in no time.

Again, with the parabolic growth statistics, trading volume on the PegNet has already reached nearly $2,000,000 as of November 12. This volume is primarily coming from PEG, pegged Factom (pFCT), and pegged Ethereum (pETH). 


Now, going back to mining PegNet and its 100x growth in hash rate since launch, it’s important to note that this achievement cannot be understated. 

PegNet itself is hard to understand, not to mention mining it. Yet there is a growing number of people willing to mine it. It’s kind of like the early days of Bitcoin, isn’t it?

Keeping that in mind, does the price of a network’s native token follow its hash rate’s trajectory? Will the price of PEG increase if its hash rate increases? It’s definitely possible. Let’s look at what happened with Ravencoin (RVN).


As seen from the above image depicting the hash rate vs price of Ravencoin, 2 out of 3 times when a spike in the hash rate occurred, the price did follow. This has proven true for Bitcoin as well. 

When a network’s hash rate increases, so does the network’s security. This leads to investor confidence, which then leads to increased investment, and thus pushes up the price.

Besides all these facts and growth statistics, perhaps what’s even more special about PegNet is who’s behind it. 

As previously mentioned, PegNet is built on top of the Factom protocol and is being developed as an open-source project made by Factom devs and headed by Paul Snow, the co-founder and CEO of Factom (FCT).

– Paul Snow wearing a tux during a PegNet Livestream :P

For those of you who don’t know Factom (FCT), it’s an OG cryptocurrency conceived in 2014. It’s survived the test of time, has been utilized by the U.S Department of Homeland Security and is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Factom’s team of developers and its CEO Snow, are incredibly experienced and passionate about crypto. They know what they’re doing and they’re bringing their expertise to PegNet. 

One last point I want to touch on is yet another extraordinary growth statistic for PegNet. 

PEG tokens can be created via 2 ways; 1) via mining 2) via burning/converting FCT tokens into PEG (currently doable via console for more advanced users). I already mentioned that PegNet mining is growing exponentially, but burning FCT into PEG is growing as well. 

For instance, on 8th Nov 2019, someone burned almost $200K worth of FCT and converted it into PEG:



How to put your hands on PEG tokens?

Since PegNet is such an early stage project – being launched in October 2019 – I thought I’d outlay how you can get yourself some PEG tokens. 

After all, when investing in crypto, most of the wealth is made by those who get in first. And to get in first, you must get in at the veryyy early stage of a project.


PegNet uses a unique Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm called LXRHash which enables anyone to mine using CPUs. Therefore, mining hardware is commonly accessible as nearly any laptop and even some smartphones can be used to mine PEG. 

If you’re interested in mining, be sure to check out the official PegNet mining guide to get started. 

Alternatively, you can join the first PegNet mining pool provided by Orax:

Convert FCT into PEG

For the Factom (FCT) bag holders, you can convert your FCT into PEG tokens. In order to swap Factom to PEG, it has to be done (for now) via console commands, which is kind of a complicated process. 

If you want to convert FCT to PEG, be sure to check out this step-by-step Guide to Converting FCT to PEG on OSX and Linux.

Buying PEG directly on an exchange

As PEG is an incredibly new cryptocurrency, it has yet to be listed on many cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, you have a chance to get your hands on PEG before everyone else.

PegNet’s (PEG) token can be bought and traded on ViteX and Vinex Network.

CargoX (CXO)


This is probably the most hidden gem out there, ranking so deep, that only a few know about it and despite its token eating dirt, the project has a solid foundation to bounce back during the upcoming bull trend and here’s why:

CargoX is an independent supplier of blockchain-based solutions for logistics, specifically for processing Bills of Lading (B/L), which are the most important documents in the global logistics industry. 

Bill of Lading is a mandatory document issued at the port of departure for every container boarding an ocean cargo ship. Millions of B/L documents are issued every year and must be shipped all over the world. These documents are currently the root cause of many of the challenges plaguing the supply chain industry because:

1) They are slow to transport.

2) They get lost, damaged or stolen.

3) They are costly, B/L documents cost up to $180.

CargoX solves these issues with their Smart B/L solution based on the public Ethereum blockchain that completely replaces paper Bill of Lading documents. Their solution is 1000x faster, 10x cheaper and infinitely more secure than paper-based solutions.



To summarize, CargoX has created a decentralized and encrypted blockchain-based solution for exchanging Bill of Lading documents. The project also plans to extend its services to letters of credit, payment and insurance services, and future services around the IoT.

As for CargoX’s (CXO) utility token, it has strong tokenomics that should increase its price as CargoX becomes utilized:

  • Every Smart B/L purchase removes a portion of CXO tokens from circulation forever.
  • CargoX has implemented a buyback mechanism where its treasury will buy back tokens from the market. 

What’s so special about CargoX?

They're Laser Focused


The guys behind CargoX are laser-focused on a single problem, mainly Bill of lading which currently is a pain in the ass to handle. Rather than trying to do everything like some crypto projects, they’re taking just one angle and they want to master it.

Many Media Mentions


The amount of times CargoX has been mentioned in various news media, especially non-crypto ones, is astonishing. A total of 85 different news and media outlets have published press releases and or mentions of CargoX. 

Also, many of these 85 media outlets have featured and mentioned CargoX on multiple occasions, meaning there are literally hundreds of pieces about CargoX.

They're Extremely Active


CargoX pretty much attends every single conference in their sector and are extremely active in promoting their Smart B/L solution to spread awareness and increase its adoption. 

Most recently on November 12, 2019, CargoX attended the 2019 Transport & Logistics Middle East (TLME) Excellence Awards where experts, users, and analysts around the world voted CargoX technology, the Most Innovative Solution 2019 and the Blockchain Innovation of the Year 2019. 


Moreover, if you visit CargoX’s press release page, you’ll see that they have attended dozens of conferences and events to promote CargoX. And what’s special about CargoX attending these events, is that most of them aren’t even crypto-related but rather supply chain, logistics, and transportation industry related. 


They Have a Live Product 

While CargoX is deeply ranked in terms of market cap, it’s one of the few crypto projects out there with a live working product – the CargoX Smart B/L.


CargoX’s Smart B/L solution is live and rich with features:

  •  Secure from start
  • Decentralized storage
  • Instant transfer
  • Complete transparency
  • Different types of sea travel documents
  • Document preview
  • Flexible endorsement types
  • Custom attachments
  • Certificate of origin transfer
  • Strong cryptographic signature
  • Flexible workflows
  • Returning the documents to the sender
  • Support for the letter of credit and escrow service workflow
  • Switch bill of lading support
  • Amendment support
  • Created or uploaded bill of ladings

They Have Many Partnerships


CargoX has 18 active partnerships with various companies involved in industries from IoT, banking, finance, logistics, transportation, blockchain, crypto, and more. 

According to CargoX, these partnerships will soon result in value-added services such as cargo tracking (location, movements, temperature, origin/producer), insurance, quality control, and banking escrow services through their next product – Smart Letter of Credit.

As for the partnership I’m most excited about, it’s with MakerDAO, a DeFi giant. CargoX plans to facilitate the first on-chain cargo payment and settlement using the DAI stable cryptocurrency.


The total list of CargoX’s active partnerships is:

  • Milsped Group
  • MakerDAO
  • Fracht AG
  • OceanX
  • Global Cargo Alliance
  • RoadLaunch
  • dexFreight
  • Mana
  • TPG Logistics
  • DBA Group
  • Actual Group
  • Europacific
  • CDM Software Solutions
  • Freightalia
  • Globalink
  • Global Value Network
  • Sprint
  • ConsolFreight

Now just to reiterate, most people will avoid CargoX because of its bleeding chart, but in reality, I think it’s the best time to buy in before the next bullish trend kicks in. 

What do you think about these 3 undervalued crypto projects? Which one do you think has the most potential upside? Let me know in the comment section below.




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