Thoughts on the Trend

With the long year plus of the Bear Market, people seem to be more enthusiastic this time around than before pertaining to crypto, BTC in particular.  What concerns me is that we seem to have s great deal of people who might have had the opportunity the last run to come in early and never did, then bashed crypto only now to see the surge and wanting to attempt fate one more time. 

How many people are seeing friends that didn’t jump in 2016-2017 (or earlier) and then claim “BTC IS DEAD” only to want back in because of this over doubling in a little over a month?  Is this good that new blood could be coming in?  Or is this gonna go bad one more time because “noobs” are going to get rekt or scammed and possibly what killed new blood before will happen again?

im hoping that the economy and the crypto market can get on par with one another although it rarely does.   I’m in the US and seeing the Tariff talks going horribly sideways, I’m believing and steadying for the worse

Whats our take on the good the bad and the ugly of this new run?

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Bull Trap, economy trickery or More?
Bull Trap, economy trickery or More?

What’s driving the changes? What else to expect and other insight into fiat and crypto from a general sense

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