The experimentation

The experimentation

By Tannit | Building passive income | 6 Mar 2020

The idea is simple, create a passive income. 

The problem, how create it, what's the investment needed to start, what can i expect from it.

When it's time to build a passive income, you start by reading about it or watching. What you discover, you will have to invest time and or money to successfully created one, it's quit risky at first because you don't know much about it. Most people including me don't have a lot of money to invest to begin and have a interesting return on it. With what I could invest, it would have take many years an I don't want wait so long. The other big way is to invest your time on project that will generate money as long as they exist like website, book, design thing, etc. I don't know for you but I got busy most of my time with jobs, family and sport, so taking the time to do it isn't my first preoccupation. So what to do if you don't want invest time or money.

I found my solution by generating money from what I do on daily basis without having to think about it. If what I do can bring money in my pocket why don't do it. With that in mind I start looking to what I was doing and try to find opportunity. I found some really interesting idea that I tried. 

In future post I'll explained and describe what I do to buit passive income with the result I got. I always keep in mind 3 things: no money investment (if there's any it come from passive earning), a time investment as low as possible and do i do it already.


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Building passive income
Building passive income

How I build a passive income. I got an idea building a passive income with why i'm doing normaly. No money investement and as low as possible time investment.

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