Will Bernie RUIN the Economy? | A Market Overview under a Biden Presidency

By BudgetHolics | Budgetholics | 4 Feb 2021

In this video I go over some, in my view, key economic policies that will affect the economic environment of the coming years. Namely, Environmental Policies, Taxation, and Healthcare.

The Biden administration seems to be prioritizing the narrowing of income inequality and mitigating the effects of the pandemic, via the implementation of deficit spending, increased taxation for the rich, and investment in vaccines, testing and contact tracing. In terms of Environmental Policy, they seem to be much more open to scientific facts than the previous administration, which, in combination with the higher efficiency of sustainable energy sources, will positively impact the stocks of Green companies.

In terms of healthcare, a strengthening of the Affordable Care Act is expected, combined with more Stimulus checks, both for individuals as well as for cities and states. In terms of taxes, the Trump Tax Cut is likely to be repealed, in order to finance the safety net most announced policies describe. In contrast to popular belief, many of the so-called 'ultra rich' are responding positively to increased taxes.

Other policies such as education and student debt relief are of equal importance, however, trying to keep this video as a-political as possible, I chose to keep those out. Let me know what your thoughts are on these policies and how those will affect the Economy.

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