Crypto.Com- The Syndicate BTC Halving Special is on NOW!!!! Get your 50% off BTC right now

Crypto.Com- The Syndicate BTC Halving Special is on NOW!!!! Get your 50% off BTC right now

By Zedi | Budget Creator | 12 May 2020

So... As per previous post, one of the best value Crypto.Com could offer is the Syndicate, and this time, you don't need to stake CRO in order to get the discounted BTC, so basically everyone can participate!!!


To participate in this Exchange Syndicate token sale, you need to:

  1. Successfully sign up as a Exchange user
  2. (Optional for this event) Stake at least 10,000 CRO in the Exchange account
  3. Use CRO to subscribe for the project token on sale at a discount during the subscription period.
  4. Be a citizen and resident from a non-excluded market stated in the campaign


So, if you want to participate right now, you can sign-up through this link, which you would receive a $50 USD equivalent free sign-up bonus in MCO tokens as well :)



As it only last for 24 hours, it is better to act quick


Once you have set up your account, deposit CRO to your exchange wallet and you will able to participate and stake in right away :)


Please bear in mind you can participate at most USD$200 CRO for this event if you don't have any CRO staked. and final distribution would vary depending on subscription. As per the website:

Determining your Final Allocation 24 hours after the end of the subscription period, we will determine your final allocation of BTC according to the terms set out above. Once the final allocation is confirmed, you have the option to agree to it by doing so via The Syndicate detail page after you log in to the Exchange. The un-used CRO will also be refunded to your balance in the Exchange after you have indicated your acceptance / rejection to the final allocation. You will forfeit your final allocation if you do not take action within 24 hours after your final allocation has been determined. Following determination of your final allocation, if it is below 0.000001 BTC, your final allocation will be automatically deemed to be 0 and will not be distributed to your BTC balance.   BTC Distribution 24 hours after the end of the Subscription Period, if we have received your agreement to your final allocation, an equivalent amount of BTC will be reflected in your Exchange BTC balance.  

Detail description of this event :

Want to participate? Click on this link and sign up!!


Stay Safe, Stay Strong~

*Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, this is all based on my personal experience, investment can have high risks, please consider before taking any action :)


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