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COINTIPLY - One of the most trusted faucets on the Internet

By Buderus | Buderus | 4 May 2021

COINTIPLY - Trusted by over 1.7 Million Users



Who doesn't know this problem: You want to get your hands on some cryptocurrency, but your wallet is telling you otherwise. Often times there is just not enough cash in the bank to get yourself a piece of that cake. You could also try to mine for some, but most often the electricity costs and the wear and tear to your pc-hardware makes this an undesirable option and will cost you more in the long run.


BUT FEAR NOT: There is an easy way how you can get some of that sweet crypto, without needing much setup:





Being said to be one of the greatest faucet sites out there, Cointiply is a well-made website with a slick design that will help you achieve your goal of earning some coins. Simply go to, make an account, and you are ready to get started. You could already earn your first coins in less than 5 minutes!

You will be able to get payed out in either bitcoin or dogecoin, and the best part is that there are absolutely no transaction costs! You can also keep a certain amount of coins on the website and they will reward you handsomely with 5% interest.




The Rainpool

The first few minutes and might be overwhelming what you all can do, but it is actually pretty simple: First let's start out with the chat. On this website you can communicate with other users to have fun, ask questions, get help from the mods or have discussions... And the best part - You can earn money with the chat! Just click on the rainpool button to qualify for the pool, and when the round ends anyone that contributed to it will get a payout. Doing other tasks while the round is active boosts that amount even more, so don't forget to have it activated before you start earning.



Now let's get to the meat, there are many ways how you can earn free crypto:


  • Roll the Faucet - Once every hour you can claim free coins by spinning the wheel and win a certain amount of coins (you get even more if it is a prime number), or even the jackpot if you are lucky.

 There are many ways to improve the faucet-winnings 

  • View PTC Ads - Just watch an "pay to click" advertisment for a few seconds and get that free cash (you just have to be on the website for a short amount of time)



  • Play the Multiplier - If you into betting then Cointiply has you covered, try your luck and win massive amounts of crypto when you win.




  • Play Games - If you would rather play some games just for fun then this is for you, you even get paid for it.



  • Offer Walls - Here you can do all kinds of tasks to earn yourself some extra cash, just take a look and see if there is something you like.



  • Complete Surveys - Have 5 minutes to spare? Then take part in the surveys and get great payouts! They are often really interesting topics as well.


  • Install Mobile Apps - If you like using your phone a lot then look through here, you might find an app that you want to install and even get rewarded in the process!


  • Special Offers - Here you find some special offers that you won't find on other sites with great rewards.


  • Watch Videos - Just have videos open and earn while watching without having to do anything, easy peasy! And you might even see a pretty cool video on top of that.



So, I hope you see that this is a very competent and well established website, with over 1.7 million users and over $1.2 million paid, proof of payment is also visible on the website.


I have been using this website for over 4 months now and wouldn't want to miss it! It is really user-friendly, has a great community which always tries to help, and the payouts are way higher than on most other platforms.

If you want to join the crypto-earning just visit and be part of the awesome community, and if you liked what you read here then please leave a comment or a tip, it would help me out a lot :)

Thanks for reading.


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