bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor says everything is going to shit. what do I do then?

By Nuggets | bucket nuggets | 3 Mar 2022

Michael Saylor says all currencies are this true?

i just watch Michael Saylor talk on the PBD podcast for 2 hours and this guy is shilling bitcoin hard. Bitcoin is like the only savior in the world when everything goes to shit.

okay bitcoin fanaticism aside, I believe in cryptocurrency in the long run or future or society. Look no human has any original thought. all our thoughts come from somewhere, so I am always skeptical of what I listen to because everyone is trying to influence us to do something in their favor. Michael Saylor benefits if the entire world adopts bitcoin. 

In the meantime, I believe in the fundamentals of crypto, even if all present crypto fails, somewhere in the future we will have digital currency but I also agree with points in the infamous finding ideas video. 

Anyways not here to argue each side.


Inflation will destroy all currency And it's happening fast.

look I don't understand much of the monetary system, forex, etc, but not just Michael Taylor says all currency is inflating at a high rate. I don't live in the US but all currencies are pegged to the American dollar. 4 years ago I could buy 4 dollars more of my currency. so you mean to tell me in four years the $US is losing a dollar a year of its worth. The American dollar is like a king in the world.  they talk about Russia and Ukraine, look at what just happened over the span of 7 days, it's collapsing so fast. instability in Latin and South American countries means their money is useless, doesn't make sense to invest in it. 

He proposed this thought experiment" if you live in Venezuela 5 years ago. do you buy the top assets or diversify portfolio" the correct answer is neither because there is no investment strategy that will stop you from losing money because the entire currency is collapsing. to me, this seems like sound logic.(tell me in the comments if I am wrong.)

To me all the news I am hearing is negative from everyone, all currencies are collapsing, apparently, there is something happening in Canada, any Canadians can update me pls. 


Invest in what you know

to be the only market i am sorta comfortable investing in is the US and if i want to invest it's gotta be in ETFs and Reits etc, but if the rate of inflation exceeds my returns then I'm still losing money, Right? someone help me out here. the benefit to investing in upcoming markets as opposed to the US is they have a potential for massive gains, but most of their currencies around the world are going to shit." hey can anyone who has Knowledge about investing point me in a better direction." All my investing currently is on crypto but I want to diversify. Recently I came upon a blog that showed growth ETF dividend stocks. My first goal to being free is getting Cashflow to fund my lifestyle.


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i am a mid 20's and still have no clue about much things trying to escape working for the rest of time. i listen to a lot of people speak but nothing seems to work

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