The Ultimate Alien Worlds Spam Build

By Apoollo | btcxh | 27 May 2021

The Ultimate Alien Worlds Spam Build

Hey all! Recently the WAX Cloud Wallet removed there captcha, which means there a lot more possibilities for builds in Alien Worlds.

So whats this build you might ask? Well, the 3 exoglove build of course! Here are the reasons why:

1. They are the most efficient 'regular' tool other than hundred of dollar epics, coming at over 30% more efficient than the Standard Drill.

2. Great for spam mining - get all those 3rd party collections mining! There have been some / are some events being run by some big NFT communities that depending on how many times you mine, you get an NFT. For example, NFTShares has a "cryptomedal" program which go for a bit of money (with a decent chance of acquiring them!)

3. Affordable. As of writing this, ExoGloves are about 40 WAX or in USD, $6. Compared to the Standard Drill with much less efficiency it is a great deal

4. CPU Problem Fixed! Right now, you don't have to worry /at all/ about CPU! Before, the CPU error was horrible, with ExoGloves being horrible (Especially with the captchas!)

Because of all these reasons, I would recommend getting 3 of them and equipping them! They are super good tools, extremely good if you are active on the computer and want to earn a good amount of money!

Thanks for reading! EXOGLOVE SPAM FOR THE WIN!



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