How to Find Alien Worlds Bots

By btcxh | btcxh | 25 May 2021

How to Find Alien Worlds Bots

I'll get straight to the point--If you've ever played Alien Worlds, you know that bots are a big problem. In this article you will learn how to find these bots and how to report them. Believe it or not, but these botters are very 'lax' with avoiding bans.

How To Catch Alien Worlds Bots:

1. Go to this link (Bloks Live TXs)

2. It should look like something below. After you are there, go to step 3.


3. Copy paste one of the addresses randomly and search them up.

4. Go to the last page of there transactions (this is there first transactions of the account.)

5. Some immediate red flags are getting staked WAX to them, sent tools, or sent WAX. Mining 24 hours a day is also a obvious red flag. Here is a bot that is connected to a big bot farm that you can use as reference of what to look for: link here.

6. I recommend 'following' the WAX or tools to double check they are actually a bot. Usually you can be sure they are not a bot when they have been sent a good amount of WAX (above 30) or tools before they even signed up. Here is a picture of a bot network I caught a few weeks ago (this is what most bot nets look like, some send tools, wax, or stake CPU):


7. To report them, copy there link and send the link to one of the team members with the role "Community Support" in the Alien Worlds discord. Usually it saves them time if you send them the link to the 'bot net' which sends all the bot workers tools or WAX.

7.5 If you are not 100% certain that the user is a bot, don't report them.

8. Congratulations. Your now a unofficial bot catcher. Even if you only can catch a few bots every day, you help legitimate players get TLM instead of the cheaters.

Thanks for reading and helping clean up the game!

If you haven't already, check out Decentraliza for all things WAX. We have Alien Worlds help, tons of resources about Alien Worlds (and more). Here is the invite:


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