TRON Could Be Getting Ready To Breakout

TRON Could Be Getting Ready To Breakout

By doyouminecrypto | BTC/USDT Trading | 11 Sep 2020






Looking at the 4 hr TRX chart we can see that it is a good position for more price movement, up.


We are in both a long term and mid-term up trend with TRX. Easy to see here with the Gann Fan.


We had what I call the “SUN bubble” when @czbianance announced the new SUN genesis mining, which popped, and we immediately dropped down too, and continued on the uptrend into this equilateral triangle.


If this plays out we should see resistance around $0.035750 ; $0.038980 ;  and finally $0.042218 = 23.6% on the Fib retracement.


The point I am looking at is where the both the long term and the short term Gann Fan 3/1


$0.041781 is my target if the breakout occurs. It has to get above $0.035 with some volume to confirm breakout.




Good luck!




This is not financial advice.


I have died and have returned. A crypto enthusiast.

BTC/USDT Trading
BTC/USDT Trading

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