Buy DOT Now And Gain 2x

By doyouminecrypto | BTC/USDT Trading | 11 Sep 2020







Pretty confident in what is playing out here.


A trader could buy now and ride it up 16%, as opposed to, waiting for it to breakout from the ascending triangle.


There is a nice little equilateral triangle playing out on the 30 min. It will retest the larger ascending triangle on the 4 hour and chances are it will go through and tap the 1/1 on the Gann.


That's ≈ 16%;  and if the trader waits for the breakout from the ascending it is ≈ 8%

Great risk reward shown on this chart at 2.77


The ascending triangle is a longer term out look and could get DOT price towards $6.00 over the next day or two.


Good luck!


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BTC/USDT Trading
BTC/USDT Trading

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