Touch Social : Blockchain-Based Instagram Type Social Media App To Earn Ethereum ERC20 Tokens (TST) By Sharing Content And Staking Crypto

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 16 Aug 2020


An endless number of social media platforms have emerged as a result of the possibilities that blockchain technology provides, one of the ones that has most caught my attention is Touch Social, and today I will explain why I consider Touch Social is more than just a social network, as it includes an entire community of users around the world united by the passion of sharing content, especially photos but also texts, without intrusive advertising and taking care of the privacy.

Touch Social has two tokens of its own on the platform:

  • Touch Smart Token (TST)

  • Touch Social Dollar (TSD)

Touch Smart Token (TST) is an ERC20 token, which means that it runs in the Ethereum blockchain, with all the advantages that implies, so you can send TST to your Ethereum ERC20 wallet, for example, Trust Wallet. You will be able to exchange your TSTs with dollars, ethers or other cryptocurrencies in the following markets: Ledgerdex, Swith, Ethermium, Uniswap, Forkdelta, Etheredelta, Veridex, Mcaffedex and Saturn Network.

On the other hand, Touch Social Dollar (TSD) is a token integrated into the Touch Social platform, which means that we can interact with TSD only within the platform, using TSD tokens or exchanging for TST.



Currently, most social networks will not pay you a single penny for your publications, something unthinkable in the crypto ecosystem, where all social networks reward their creators in one way or another. In the Touch Social platform, creators are rewarded with two different tokens, Touch Smart Token (TST) and Touch Social Dollar (TSD).


No doubt that one of the main differences from other social networks working on the blockchain is that Touch Social also rewards users who decide to keep their tokens frozen by means of the well-known "Proof of Stake".This, in the cryptocurrency world means earning tokens by keeping your tokens on hold for a specified time period, so basically you'll earn a few extra tokens every week just for not spending, no doubt a good way to save money, right?


Touch Social app is available on both Android and IOS, join now if you're not already a member and start earning TST and TSD today, see you inside!


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