Publish0x for Beginners (Part II) Analyzing Daily Tips

Publish0x for Beginners (Part II) Analyzing Daily Tips

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 20 Jun 2019

In Publish0x we can earn crypto by sending tips (at no cost) to other users, this is possible because Publish0x distributes daily some cryptocurrencies to all users of the platform, and they can send a quantity to the content creators or writers of Publish0x.


I have made a small study about the quantities that Publish0x puts at our disposal daily, and these are the results:

Daily Tips: 7

Daily DAI tokens for tipping: 0.07 DAI 

  • 0.02511(Tip #1)
  • 0.0128 (Tip #2) 
  • 0.0064 (Tip #3,4,5,6,7)

Daily HYDRO tokens for tipping: 1.05 HYDRO

  • 0.3783 (Tip #1)
  • 0.2002 (Tip #2) 
  • 0.0945 (Tip #3,4,5,6,7)

The first tip sent is the most valued of all, while you are making tips, the amounts are decreasing, the second is reduced to 50% of the first, and the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh tips are to 50% of amount of the second tip.


Tipping Example

Below you can see how we have sent a tip (Tip #5) to the user @egamersio, user receives 80% and we received 20%


You can choose the % you want to receive from each tip you send, although there is a limit, you can not earn more than 80% of the amount sent.

So, if you send a tip of 0.01 you can win from 0 to 0.008 and the Creator of the article will gain from 0.002 to 0.01, depending on % that you send to the creator (20-100%). Remember that you can change the % tipped amount.

NOTE: These data have been obtained on June 20 (2019), with DA Stablecoin and Project Hydo coins, both the amounts and the coins can change depending on the day.

In the coming days we will try to analyze some additional parameters, especially so that new Publish0x users begin to understand some more technical aspects of the platform, if you want to access the first part of these tutorials you can check this article:

"Publish0x for Beginners (Part 1) Tipping system, Withdrawals and Ambassador Program"


A great place to check the value of your Dai and Hydro tokens is CoinGecko; access your website to see graphs and a calculator of both currencies:


If you are not part of Publish0x yet, do not worry, the best way to start is to try the platform. Its intuitive interface will make the process very simple. You can register with our ambassador link from here



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