My experience earning crypto (AMPs) taking graffiti photos

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 12 Jul 2019

I´m a street art fan and I am lucky that my city is full of graffiti everywhere, but ... How have I earned cryptos? Its very easy, in HyperSpace (a platform similar to Publish0x) there is a large community of graffiti lovers who make tips with the tokens obtained in HyperSpace.

Basically, HyperSpace has its currency (AMP), formerly called Synereo, which distributes to all users so that they (users) "amplify" (tipping).


My earnings in HyperSpace, until today have been around 4000 AMPs = 44.64 $ (12 July 2019) although not all the posts that I have shared in HyperSpace have been about Graffiti, most of them if they have been, for See the updated price I recommend you use Coingecko (



#Graffiti Space

Como decía, uno de los espacios donde comparto la mayor parte de fotografías es el de Graffiti, un lugar ideal si te gusta el arte callejero:


HyperSpace Pros and Cons

The good news is that HyperSpace is made up of an infinity of different spaces, each of them talking about a different topic and you will surely find a place where you feel comfortable and people value your content.

The bad news is that the option to withdraw money is not available yet, you can only store it until it is enabled, so you should use the platform only if you trust the project, in order to accumulate coins until you can withdraw the money; )


Thanks for your support, see you at

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