Meme Factory : How to create your first meme? (Part 1)

Meme Factory : How to create your first meme? (Part 1)

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 7 Jun 2019

Maybe last week you read "District0x, a network of decentralized autonomous organizations", where we talked about some districts created so far, one of them was Meme Factory, where the users of that district can buy and sell memes unique, similar to a collection platform but operating decentralized on the ethereum blockchain.

How to create a meme in Meme Factory?


Below you can see 5 simple steps to create your first meme;

  • 1 : The first step is to create a meme, of course try to be original.
  • 2 : Put a price on Ethereum (ETH) at the start of the auction.
  • 3 : Add the total supply of memes that will be issued.
  • 4: Send the meme to the DANK Register using the DANK token.
  • 5: Wait for it to be accepted on your Meme Marketplace.



In the next articles we will talk about the process of content curation of the memes incorporated into Meme Factory, I hope it has been useful, thank you very much for your support, see you at


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