Coreto (COR) : Connecting influencers, investors and blockchain projects
Coreto (COR) : Connecting influencers, investors and blockchain projects

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 12 Jul 2019


Hello Publish0x, today I would like to share with you a platform that connects all the parties involved in blockchain projects, the idea is to create an environment of transparency during the projects.


Coreto is headed by the CEO, Lustina Faraon, with seven years of experience in the world of digital marketing.


One of the strong points of Coreto is the transparency between the projects and the investors, who at all times have detailed information about how their investment is behaving, monitoring and at the same time learning about the work that the whole team is doing.


Influencers have a means where they can share their content, which they can catalog in two sections, free or premium, according to their needs. Influencers also have a personalized profile where they can organize their content according to their tastes and needs.

In this way, many influential users in several traditional social networks now have the opportunity to earn extra money with Coreto's own currency, COR (an Ethereum ERC20 utility token) with its publications. 

The work teams of the different blockchain projects also have many advantages, one of them is the visibility obtained in the platform, and they will also be able to find experts that you need in each project phase, whether they are developers, experts in blockchain or personnel of any workspace.


Coreto is an excellent tool, especially for all blockchain project investors, as "investor" Coreto offers you many possibilities, for example, you can reward the users you want if you like their content, comment on their publications or be part of related groups, subscribe to private projects, promote content or receive rewards from Coreto users.


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