Bounty0x Tutorial (Part 4) Summary, Rules and Instructions

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 22 Jun 2019

Hi Publish0x, today we continue with the fourth part of the Tutorial of Bounty0x, it is a brief explanation where I will try to focus on each of the three sections that are common in all the bounties, and that therefore. Whatever the bounty you are doing, the summary, the rules and the instructions are always visible in each task, we will break down what each of them consists of;

1. Bounty Summary


It is always dedicated to explain each project, are some general ideas where it is explained what it is, what is the utility and other features

2. Rules


Keep in mind the rules, if you fail any the bounty will not be correct and therefore will be rejected. The rules can be very varied, for example make a screenshot to show that you have made a tweet or have logged in to a platform, register using the same mail with the one in Bounty0x, etc ...

3. Submission Instructions


To correctly complete a bounty, the last step is always to complete the instructions that are indicated, we can say that it is the voucher, and they are very important because it is the data used by the people in charge of verifying (sheriffs) that each bounty has been completed or not.

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