View ad and earn bitcoin from adBTC btc site

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 1 Sep 2019

What is adBTC btc site?


adBTC is a site where you can get btc by viewing ad. It is one of a great site and paying site. 


How to register in adBTC?


You can register this site just click the link below and fill up the registration form follows the picture bellow


After clicking above the link then click the signup button on the site


Then you can fill up the registration form and then again click the signup button


How to earn btc from this site?

You can earn from this site three option fist option is surfing ads second option is Surfing inactive window and the third option is Autosurfing.
 Surfing adsYou can earn from here by using a surf ads menu and you can get huge satoshi by viewing every ad.
Surfing in active window: You can get some of the ad by using this menu and here you can get 4.2 satoshi every ad time only 9 seconds per ad view.
Autosurfing: Autosurfing is the option where you can get auto ad surfing just click one ads and it surfing automatically.Payment: you can get easy to payment from this site by using fucethub account when you received 5000 satoshi then you able to get this payment. Some of the payment proof given bellow    351665157-b05b6549098e9faf6ba03e2308585e36ebb5fd3e52dc76d56d84a4921f6ba365.jpeg

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