Some interesting information about Bitcoin

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 2 Sep 2019

In the present world, the majority of Internet users are less familiar with the name Bitcoin. Nevertheless, let me be brief, Bitcoin is the world's first open-source cryptocurrency, which does not require any type of financial institution or exit room for transactions. This is not a currency issued by the government of any country. The currency system was introduced by a person under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in the 21st. There are various fantasies surrounding this coin and its promoter, which have not been revealed yet. Today we are talking about some interesting information about Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin:

Many people think that if you want to buy Bitcoin, you need to buy Bitcoin. However, this is not true. The current market price of Bitcoin is about $ 1, which is more than Tk 1 lakh in Bangladeshi money. You can buy Bitcoin for less than 1 (fractional amount). For example, 4.1 Bitcoin, or even 8 Bitcoin! Basically, you can buy Bitcoin for up to 3 decimal places.

Demand for Bitcoin:

Some find that the price of bitcoin never decreases, but continues to rise. This is a misconception. The stock market can be compared to the market price of Bitcoin. It can decrease or increase at any time.

Transaction Tracking:

One of the most common misconceptions about Bitcoin is the idea of ​​tracking its transactions. Many consider Bitcoin transactions to be the most secretive transactions. But the truth is, Bitcoin transactions are not primarily confidential, but public. Every bitcoin transaction becomes a blockchain entry, which is something that intelligent users can trace only when they have time. Therefore, it is a misconception that Bitcoin transaction tracking is not possible.

Is Bitcoin the only cryptocurrency?

No Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrencies like Stellar, Ethereum and Litecoin are available in the market. However, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency.

Total Bitcoin Supplies:

You may find on many websites on the Internet that bitcoin supply is limited. This idea is true. It will be possible to mine a total of 20 million Bitcoins in the existing system. However, the fraction of its transactions can be increased by a fraction.

Bitcoin and the legal system:

Is Bitcoin Controlled By Law? Many people think that because it is a secret pseudonym, it may avoid the eyes of the law, but the use of Bitcoin can be controlled by law. This bitcoin has been banned in many countries. Bangladesh Bank (central bank of Bangladesh) has issued a warning not to trade in Bitcoin and such cryptocurrencies in Bangladesh as "not valid". A report of AFP and Telegraph 20 says Bangladesh Bank told AFP that bitcoin transactions in Bangladesh were a punishable offense.

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In general, there is no difference between a simple paper and a note. But the value of a note can range from 2 rupees to 3 rupees - because there is a government behind it, a bank, and no authority. They sit down and decide how much a note will cost.

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