How do you get a Bitcoin wallet/address?

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 5 Sep 2019

There are currently several types of sites that allow you to open a Bitcoin wallet for Bitcoin transactions. One such site is Coinbase. You can open a Bitcoin wallet for you at Coinbase using your name and email id by clicking here. After opening the account, you must verify the email id and mobile number to use the account. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet/address, skip to the step below.

Bitcoin Earnings - There are actually many sites that give you Bitcoin in exchange for visiting your site ad. You can easily earn bitcoin by visiting these sites and filling in captcha with your Bitcoin address. I will now discuss some of the most trusted sites I visit

The first thing is to say about the Golds Day site, first open the site. Then paste your Bitcoin address into the Bitcoin address and spin it. If good luck you can get the jackpot here
Bitcoin will be credited to your keep info-account as soon as the spin is completed and you claim to fill in the captcha. Once 3 minutes after receiving Bitcoin, Bitcoin can be found here again.

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