Cat source kills Ethereum blockchain - What the Hell is cryptocurrencies!

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 6 Sep 2019

As the days go by, it seems that the Resurrection is not too late. Almost every day the number of bizarre things in the world and its fancy is increasing. The most recent addition is cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrencies / cryptocurrencies ??). Ethereum is called the second generation of the blockchain. First-generation, such as Bitcoin's blockchain, only transactions can be accounted for. The Ethereum blockchain, on the other hand, is much more modern. Not only payment here, but also smart contract support. Let's look at some simple examples. All land properties in one area of the area have been digitized. Now it is very easy to take ownership of it into the Ethereum blockchain and confirm all the records on the transfer blockchain. Ethereum has become more than a platform for ether currency but a platform where third parties can launch their own services or contracts or new coins. Cryptocurrencies are the first blockchain-game launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

This kind of game is really nothing new where you can have one stomach adapted, look after, interact with other stomachs, a new generation will be born and so on. The specialty of cryptocurrencies is that this is a decentralized version of the first such game. And the thing is a lot like the currency that is called cryptocurrencies. Let's look at the features in simple terms. You can buy one or more cryptocurrencies at a cost of ether. Up to four billion cats can be created, and each is unique, with its unique feature. You can breed in your kitty and give birth to a new generation kitty. There is also a cost. Again you can rent someone else's kitty and also breed with her. If you want to rent your kitty for breeding, the condition is that you will get the lease that you are renting. This can be compared to generating a new currency through mining. The older the kitty will be, the more unique it looks or the unique feature it will cost. You can auction your kitty for sale at one point. To give a little information, the highest price at this point is the price of Kita over a million dollars! The game has been launched but not a week!

So there is no centralized server for the constantly born kitty, their merchandise, exchanges, new generation births, etc. and it is happening on the Ethereum blockchain. Those who are currently mining Ethereum are spending about 5% of their computing power on the back of some signage cats. And the sudden rise in popularity of these kitties has led to huge pressure on the Ethereum blockchain to slow down the transaction. At the moment you need to multiply the transaction fee by more than $ 5 to buy a kitty for a minimum of about $ 5. Otherwise, in the absence of "gas", your transaction will die on the ground. So do you buy or hide some secrets? Maybe a sleeve of features will be born on your blockchain that you can sell for millions of dollars a day!

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