Analysis of Cryptocurrency Mining Samples

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 5 Sep 2019

Crypto-currency mining is a process in which different types of cryptocurrency transactions are verified and added to the blockchain digital account. At each cryptocurrency transaction, a cryptocurrency mining process begins to confirm the authenticity of the transaction information and to update the blockchain ledger associated with the transaction. To complete this process, you have to solve complex mathematical problems, the box or computer involved in solving this mathematical problem is usually called Minor. The first person who can solve this mathematical problem will get some cryptocurrency as a winner (get a commission).

For successful crypto-currency mining, a miner has to compete with other crypto miners and requires many computing resources for faster resolution. Since such cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of computing processing, cybercriminals use the processing capabilities of the infected computer to infect the computer users of ordinary computers with crypto-mining malware.

Usually, cybercriminals may infect ordinary computer users' computers using any of the following methods, such as:

3) Downloading software from an unreliable/fake download portal.

2) Spam campaigns/phishing emails. By prompting the computer used to open the document file or click on the link in the phishing email sent to them.

3) By visiting the infected web site.

This article is designed to promote cyber awareness. In this article, two cryptocurrency mining malware samples are analyzed. The sample is collected from two BGD e-GOV CIRTs from its trusted source.

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